How to perform Morgrify:
· Roll the mouse around to 'seed' the image generator.
· Press number keys to change to the color mode.
For example: Move the mouse slightly at the center, and alternately press 3 and 5, or 1 and 4.

Here's what's happening. You don't need to know the following to perform this piece, but if you're curious...
THE CODE: The existing image is copied into memory with incremental enlargement and slight random recentering. The copy is then compared with the original, possibly having its pixel colors shifted based on the color mode, and finally imaged back to the screen. The process runs for 1000 cycles, then restarts with the original size and centering settings.

INTERACTION: There are two things you can do to influence the visual effect.
· Selecting the color mode:
"1" key: Copy (reproduces the image without changing colors)
"2" key: Not Copy (reproduces a chromatic negative of the image)
"3" key: Lightest (compares copied pixels to the original and only reproduces the lightest)
"4" key: Reverse (changes copied pixel colors to the chromatic opposite of the original)
"5" key: Add (adds the RGB color value of overlapping pixels)
· Rolling the mouse to reveal tiled portions of the underlying photograph. New pixels are added to the image mix.
Photography and Programming © 2004 Peter Mackey
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