© 2006 Peter and Matthew Mackey
Module 2
Rule String A=[z-x+B]As-z-x-A[x-y+Ax-y+z+A]; B=y+y+A[y-A]s-z+x-x-A[y-s-Ay-s-z+A];
Iterations 4
Joint Angle 20
Segment Length 0.15
  Other parameters determine color, material, model style for segment and endpoints, camera position, lighting settings, and variations to use when a cringe/collapse is triggered.
Rule interpretation used for all modules: A B C : move to next segment position (determined by Segment Length parameter)
Also upon each encounter of A B or C replace with a complete copy of the rule it represents.
x y z + - : rotate on given axis in given direction (determined by Joint Angle)
[ ] : begin or end a new branch
s + - : increment the magnification of next segments up or down